Wednesday, July 20, 2011

money grabber

I remember my father calling me over one day because he wanted me to see a J.K. Rowling documentary and I said something like: “Not everyone gets as rich as her from writing.” And he said: “You don’t have to get rich, just write to your best ability.”

The past year I’ve been learning about the industry and the percentages that writers get from publishing houses, and more about marketing/promotions that authors have to do. I got underwhelmed by the business side of everything but I didn’t stumble into writing; I choose it (even though I was younger).

I choose this through thick and thin and it is basically my 8th year of wanting to become a writer. I’ve gotten to the point where I view myself as a writer and I am finishing off another book, this one I will submit to Samhain. 

Writing now my goals have nothing to do with money but instead tangible things like seeing my novel on a bookstore shelf—and taking a picture beside it. And then talking loudly over aisles about the hot, new romance writer Keshia Robertson and her new book Deflowering Lily! (that would be basically promotions/marketing on the small scale). 

I love the song Money Grabber by Fitz and the Tantrums but if I ever get mad at a publisher I will jam to this song then go get my money lawyer style.


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