Sunday, July 17, 2011

2weeks until condensed NaNoWriMo

There are only two more weeks until I have complete concentration time for Deflowering Lily and I have to finish it before the end of summer since I have a whole list of stories to complete. The most important would have to be Graduation; a piece I am doing about womanhood, childbirth and love. 

I think that it fits between the spaces of what I thought chick-lit was going to be. Like instead of all the pretending to be witty, I wanted them to say something. With this next book (which I will be posting about more frequently) I am going to explore those themes through two sisters and their relationships with men and their bodies, each other and going to finally say once and for all if a woman can “have it all” (i.e. a family and her career) even if she doesn’t want the former.

Plus, I will be posting once a week (most likely on a Sunday) with a musical video as well so stay tuned for more fun.


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