Tuesday, August 16, 2011

new playground

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

hound dog blues

Lions, Tigers, & Bears: Prologue posted on The Chamber


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

lions, tigers & bears

I found a story on my hard drive Lions, Tigers & Bears that I started in 2005 and haven’t finished until this date. This fact is kind of unacceptable since I loved that story when I started it (and now still) so I am putting Be Good to Me on hold and doing this one in August instead. Plus this is the story where I constructed Flow Magazine which is important to know for the release I am working on called Deflowering Lily.

P.S. Thanks for the new people who follow this blog. Here is the summary of the story and by the end of this week I will post a sneak peek of the first chapter.

Here is the summary:

Nadine Jackson loves her life as a mother… though it came in an unconventional way. Eight years ago she read Flow magazine’s article on men. It explained how all men could be grouped into animal categories for easier picking. With the article in hand, she narrowed down the perfect mate: a Canary named Arturo Garcia.

But what she didn’t know is that she had categorized wrong. Instead of a canary, Arturo Garcia had been a No-No of the list: A Hound Dog. She was left pregnant, alone, and jaded when it comes to men.

The only stable man in her life all these years has been Jal Lovell, a lawyer who is getting less paternal and more husband material at the moment. But he isn’t the only man that she had her eye on… with men coming out of the wilderness of the city to meet up with her she can’t help but be drawn to the magazine again.

Once she checks it however, she has a Dorothy: “Oh My!” moment because all of the men she is considering are grouped under the most dangerous animals of all… Lions, Tigers, and Bears…

Will she risk heartbreak with a new love or run clear to Kansas?

Musical Muse: Lions, Tigers, & Bears - Jazmine Sullivan


Friday, July 22, 2011

the real thing

During the mid 2000s, I started writing Harry Potter fan fiction (I place where I first learned plotting, working with characters, making stories/banners) and I was inspired by Gwen Stefani’s first album. I brought L.A.M.B. and for me it was the jump start that I needed. 
Especially, the song What You Waiting For? 

I just realized that I have been writing for my 8th year this month so I dedicate this above song to writing. Plus, I am going back into the story in depth this weekend so before I do I am listening to Gwen’s old music and also checking out free reads from Eharlequin.com.

Musical Muse: The Real Thing by Gwen Stefani


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

money grabber

I remember my father calling me over one day because he wanted me to see a J.K. Rowling documentary and I said something like: “Not everyone gets as rich as her from writing.” And he said: “You don’t have to get rich, just write to your best ability.”

The past year I’ve been learning about the industry and the percentages that writers get from publishing houses, and more about marketing/promotions that authors have to do. I got underwhelmed by the business side of everything but I didn’t stumble into writing; I choose it (even though I was younger).

I choose this through thick and thin and it is basically my 8th year of wanting to become a writer. I’ve gotten to the point where I view myself as a writer and I am finishing off another book, this one I will submit to Samhain. 

Writing now my goals have nothing to do with money but instead tangible things like seeing my novel on a bookstore shelf—and taking a picture beside it. And then talking loudly over aisles about the hot, new romance writer Keshia Robertson and her new book Deflowering Lily! (that would be basically promotions/marketing on the small scale). 

I love the song Money Grabber by Fitz and the Tantrums but if I ever get mad at a publisher I will jam to this song then go get my money lawyer style.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

2weeks until condensed NaNoWriMo

There are only two more weeks until I have complete concentration time for Deflowering Lily and I have to finish it before the end of summer since I have a whole list of stories to complete. The most important would have to be Graduation; a piece I am doing about womanhood, childbirth and love. 

I think that it fits between the spaces of what I thought chick-lit was going to be. Like instead of all the pretending to be witty, I wanted them to say something. With this next book (which I will be posting about more frequently) I am going to explore those themes through two sisters and their relationships with men and their bodies, each other and going to finally say once and for all if a woman can “have it all” (i.e. a family and her career) even if she doesn’t want the former.

Plus, I will be posting once a week (most likely on a Sunday) with a musical video as well so stay tuned for more fun.

Friday, June 10, 2011

to find your dreams come true

1# wish: hold my own book in my hands.
I found out this week that I made it into the Creative Writing program in my university.

Seriously! It is something that I have been plotting for since I was thirteen years old. Now I applied for a change of major in third year as a Creative Writing and English Honors Double Major.

Seriously, I didn’t even have time to yell or celebrate since I’ve heard the news. I still have yet to tell a few friends as well that I won’t be graduating with them or that I will be graduating with them.

My mind is just completely in a mess until I apply for all of the confusing new courses.

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