Wednesday, April 6, 2011

that's not my name

Self made cover -- Not official cover.
Ever since I’ve been in school people have been spelling my name wrong—always Keisha instead of Keshia. After years of wanting to be a writer, I think that I should put my name in print as it is just to get back at those people who renamed me. LOL! Nah, I’ve always wanted to see myself in print.
Now my goal for this year is to get Deflowering Lily published and in print as is. I want to share my latest creation with you all and write a lot of free short stories and make reviews of stories along the way.
Welcome to my writing play house.


Vivienne Diane Neal said...

Don't feel bad about the misspelling of your name. People have been misspelling my name (Vivienne) for years, and I am 65 years old. By the way, I love the Deflowering Lily book cover. I design my own book covers too. Best wishes to you. Looking forward to visiting your Blog.

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